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The investment game has two main players: Risk and Reward. At Kristal.AI however, we don’t believe in promising ‘high returns’ blindly. Instead of fleeting moments of financial brilliance, we aim to help you ride out the market ups and downs with consistent returns over time.

And we do this while creating hardworking, custom-curated investing strategies for our clients. Investors today do not live in a mould, and neither do their finances. We understand that.

The portfolios created at Kristal.AI follow age-old investing principles (Markowitz, Letterman, you name it), but at the core of each is a strategy as unique as the individual it was created for. Just like the ones below.

1. Growth portfolio for medium-risk investor
The Need:
Our client, Mr.X, enjoyed the idea of high-growth stocks but was wary of investing in them directly. He also wanted a hands-off portfolio which didn’t take too much of his time.
The Kristal Solution:

We created a customized portfolio with strong focus on bonds and bond ETFs. Long-term bonds are stable assets with a consistent growth, and are a good bet for investors who do not want to spend every minute worrying about their portfolio’s performance.

We also ensured his portfolio was diversified for greater exposure and stability, and tax-optimized for high returns.

2. Balancing security with market-timing
The Need:
What do you give a client who wants his portfolio to provide long-term security, and yet be flexible enough for option-related plays, with real-time advice on emerging market opportunities?
The Kristal Solution:

For our market-loving client Mr. Y, we looked at his account from a “Core & Satellite Approach” perspective, which segregated the portfolio into a core portion and a tactical allocation with a well-laid out plan for each.

The core was a medium-risk portfolio geared towards stability. Investments in this account included balanced Kristals like the All Weather Kristal.

The second account, however, was meant for ‘real-time’ option-related plays accounting for less than 20% of Mr.Y’s portfolio, with high-risk high-growth strategies managed by Kristal Advisors which promised upto 15% returns. By keeping both these accounts separate, we were able to keep his assets secure, while catering to his trader’s instinct.

3. The perfect retirement portfolio
  The Need:
Retirement, or sabbaticals; one always needs to think ahead for such times. When our client, Ms. Z, went on a sabbatical she needed a portfolio which would act as a source of income generation, and help her meet her financial needs with ease.
The Kristal Solution:

For Ms. Z, we created a portfolio with low-medium risk assets and the sole intent of creating a quarterly cash-flow source. By reducing the equity portion of the portfolio, and investing in low-risk assets, we were able to provide her with financial float for her sabbatical.

Her portfolio also included tactical strategies executed at favorable times to increase returns.

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