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2. Whose financial assets (net of any related liabilities) exceed in value SGD 1 million (or it's equivalent in a foreign currency), or

3. Whose income in the preceding 12 months is not less than SGD 300,000 (or it's equivalent in a foreign currency)


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Kristal.AI enables you to hold your investments in the following manner:

Kristal.AI Investment Account:


Transaction Fees & other charges

Kristal.AI enables you to hold your investments in the following manner:

Kristal.AI Investment Account:

Managed account with Saxo Capital Markets:


This is offered only to Accredited and Institutional Investors as defined under the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore (“Act”), which broadly comprises of regulated financial institutions, large corporates, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

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They Are Not Even Pretending Anymore!

The Fed is considering opening the FICC Repo clearing facility to hedge funds. Yay or Nay? Thomas Meichl, Head of Advisory at Kristal.AI, tells us.
Thomas Meichl | Jan 21, 2020

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2020 and Beyond – Thoughts About Markets and More…

The 'bull' has had a decade-long marathon. It's huffed and puffed at some stretches, and coasted along for some. What's in store for 2020? Learn more...
Thomas Meichl | Jan 09, 2020

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The CEO Roundtable: Wrapping Up 2019, and Predictions for 2020

A QandA with Kelvin Lee - CEO of Fundnel, and our own Asheesh Chanda on all that made news in 2019, with key takeaways and pointers for the upcoming year.
Kristal Advisors | Dec 06, 2019

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Kristal’s Asset Preservation Algorithm: An Introduction

Volatility has been the norm for much of this year, and in volatile times investors often start to worry about preserving the assets they have in hand. Here's how our algorithm can help...
Kristal Advisors | Nov 13, 2019

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At First Spike: What the Upsurge in Gold Price Means for Your Portfolio

The 7th of November saw a spike in gold investments. And we know you have questions. So, here's our Head of Advisory giving you deets on all that glitters..
Thomas Meichl | Nov 13, 2019

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The Revolutionary Road: On What Can Fuel Fintech In the Next Decade

The fintech revolution - is it here, or did it miss the invite? As we move into 2020, opinions remain divided. Our CTO gives you his take on the topic; rife with anecdotes and personal experiences!
Vineeth N | Nov 06, 2019

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Q4 Market Update – Kristal Internal Committee

Volatility is here to stay for the foreseeable future amid continued uncertainty over economic and political issues. Our IC looks into the major market movements and gives you updates for Q4 '19.
Kristal Advisors | Nov 03, 2019

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High Hopes on Tight Ropes…

There are few clear cut opportunities in todays markets given the headline risk on either side of the spectrum. It's a tightrope, but it's walk-able. More from our Head of Advisory in this piece.
Thomas Meichl | Oct 17, 2019

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Investing in Shipbuilding: Should You Haul Wind, or Heave Down?

In this piece, we deep dive into Yangzijiang Shipping Ltd. and look past the short term headwinds this ship-building gem faces enabling investors to potentially achieve a very attractive rate of return.
Arun Pai | Oct 03, 2019

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Behind The Curve…

Despite a 25bps rate cut recently, the markets are clamouring for more. The Fed has been accused of being 'behind the curve'. So, what lies ahead? Let's take a look.
Thomas Meichl | Aug 31, 2019

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The High Flux Story of Hyflux (And the Lessons From the Deep)

When a homegrown success story goes south, everyone wonders why. Here's looking at Singapore's golden-goose-turned-goof up 'Hyflux', and what we can learn from it.
Arun Pai | Aug 30, 2019

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The Trade War Just Took a Turn Down Currencyville; and It’s Mayhem

Xi made his money move, and Chinese enterprises stopped their purchase of American farm goods. What does this spell for the global economy? Read here.
Kristal Advisors | Aug 06, 2019

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The New License: Rise of Digital Banking in Singapore

The MAS digital bank licenses bode well for the fintech industry in Sinagpore. But the roads were never going to be easy. Our take on this historic moment here.
Asheesh Chanda | Aug 01, 2019

IC Speaks,

We Have A Cut, But…

The Fed's rate cut came in lower than what the market was crooning for, but that's not the only issue. Head of Advisory at Kristal.AI - Thomas Meichl - writes his views.
Thomas Meichl | Aug 01, 2019

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Kristal Conversations: BTS with Pratyush Rastogi

REITs are popular investment options in Singapore. We asked friend and REITs expert, Pratyush Rastogi, for his views on the market in a candid conversation.
Kristal Advisors | Jul 04, 2019

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If you are worried about the Dollar, pick Silver over Gold!

Gold and Silver are considered safe choices when the USD falls. In this article, we look at their price relation, and explain what we think is a better buy.
Thomas Meichl | Jun 13, 2019

IC Speaks,

Six Months of A Long Year: Volatility, Valuations, and Viewpoints.

Our investors ask us about our predictions for the upcoming months. We don't have a Kristal ball, but we bring your the next best thing - viewpoints and opinions from the best in the market.
Asheesh Chanda | Jun 04, 2019

IC Speaks,

A Trade War Has No Winners.

All wars have more losers than winners, but a trade war doesn’t have any winners at all. The latest updates on the U.S.-China situation from our Head of Advisory, Thomas Meichl.
Thomas Meichl | May 14, 2019

IC Speaks,

Sell in May and Go Away, or Is the Trend Your Friend?

What do the markets in May portend for the interested investor? Thomas Meichl, member of Kristal's Advisory Team and Investment Committee tells us his thoughts.
Thomas Meichl | May 07, 2019

IC Speaks, The Tech in FinTech,

Family Offices and AI: The Transformation of Traditional Wealth Management

Just about ten years ago, there were only about a thousand Family Offices spread across the world. However, within a […]
Vivek Mohindra | Apr 21, 2019

IC Speaks,

The Friday That Changed It All… And The Story of How Kristal.AI Came To Be

I hope you laughed at that. Now, here’s a serious question. Have you ever noticed how most important things happen […]
Asheesh Chanda | Apr 11, 2019
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