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Kristal Insights,

From Prius to Porsche: How Affordable Value Investing Options Can Help You Grow Your Capital

'Investment Gurus' are the best kept open secret of value investing. Their growth startegies can be emulated by every investor. Learn how with this article.
Trishya K | Jun 17, 2019

Kristal Weekly Feed,

Kristal Weekly Feed | 17th June 2019

Hang Seng falls for a third week, Facebook ousted from S&P 500 ESG, and Slack looks at direct listing - all the market news you missed from the last week!
Trishya K | Jun 16, 2019

IC Speaks, Trade Ideas,

If you are worried about the Dollar, pick Silver over Gold!

Gold and Silver are considered safe choices when the USD falls. In this article, we look at their price relation, and explain what we think is a better buy.
Thomas Meichl | Jun 13, 2019

Kristal Weekly Feed,

Kristal Weekly Feed | 10th June 2019

Got only 15 seconds? Here’s what you need to know. Below is a succinct summary of major global events that […]
Anamil Kochar | Jun 10, 2019

IC Speaks,

Six Months of A Long Year: Volatility, Valuations, and Viewpoints.

Our investors ask us about our predictions for the upcoming months. We don't have a Kristal ball, but we bring your the next best thing - viewpoints and opinions from the best in the market.
Asheesh Chanda | Jun 04, 2019

Kristal Weekly Feed,

Kristal Weekly Feed | 3rd June 2019

This week on #KristalWeeklyFeed - Q1 GDP at 3.1% better than wall street estimates while Trump’s tariffs lead to a decline in Treasury yields, and more.
Anamil Kochar | Jun 03, 2019

Kristal Weekly Feed,

Kristal Weekly Feed I 27th May 2019

From gold prices rising, Brexit and the resignation of PM May, to shares of Deutsche Bank falling to a record low, we capture the market's highs and lows from the past week.
Anamil Kochar | May 27, 2019

Trade Ideas,

Trade Idea Risk Reversals with Bond Overlay

The current market environment is characterised by a higher degree of uncertainty than usual. Here's a trade idea from our team that involves Bond plus Index option structure for risk reversal in today's scenario.
Kristal Advisors | May 24, 2019

Kristal Insights,

What Thales of Miletus Can Teach You About Patience, Investing, and Olives

The bull has been on a long run and some say it might be getting tired. What should you do in such situations? Thales, beloved Greek, has the answer.
Trishya K | May 22, 2019

IC Speaks, The Tech in FinTech,

Family Offices and AI: The Transformation of Traditional Wealth Management

Just about ten years ago, there were only about a thousand Family Offices spread across the world. However, within a […]
Vivek Mohindra | May 21, 2019
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