Profunds Group Large Cap ETF | CSM

Medium RiskEquity
Profunds Group Large Cap ETF
Issued by:Profunds
Index : BATS
Unit Price (NAV) :
Minimum investment: 2 units
Profunds Group Large Cap ETF | CSM

Profunds Group Large Cap ETF | CSM


Profunds Group Large Cap ETF (CSM) tracks a long and short index and distributes its funds in a way that results in 130% long and 30% short exposure.


Profunds Group Large Cap ETF4.45%13.22%9.59%16.09%13.13%

Asset Class

Asset type breakdown
Stock US99.37%
Stock non-US0.62%

CSM Holdings - Top 10

NameiWeightage (%)
Apple Inc4.68%
Microsoft Corporation3.76%, Inc2.96%
Facebook, Inc1.32%
Alphabet Inc0.92%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc0.79%
Intel Corporation0.73%
Walmart Inc0.72%
Exxon Mobil Corporation0.67%
QUALCOMM Incorporated0.66%

CSM Sectors/Industry Breakdown

Sectori% of market value
Financial Services13.14%
Consumer Cyclicals12.42%
Communication Services8.90%
Consumer Defensive7.06%
Real Estate4.14%
Basic Materials2.45%

CSM Countries

Country% of market value
North America99.33%
United Kingdom0.23%
Europe Emerging0.16%
Europe Developed0.12%
Asia Developed0.07%

Projected Returns

Investment ofper month
gives returns of :
at 9.83% / annum
$in 10 years
for a time period of
Returnsbased on historic SIP returns of 9.83% per annum
$+ 9.83

CSM Summary Data

Fund Size(AUM) $i
Avg. mkt. cap (MM) $i
Symbol CSM
Exchange BATS
ISIN US74347R2489
Cat. Benchmark S&P 500 TR USD
Asset class EQUITY
Category Large Blend
Country US

CSM Portfolio Data & Volatility Analysis

Expense ratio 0.46i
Beta 1.04i
P/E ratio 19.37202i
Standard Deviation 19.76i

Fund Strategy

The investment seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the Credit Suisse 130/30 Large Cap Index (the index). The fund invests in financial instruments that ProShare Advisors believes, in combination, should track the performance of the index. Itis designed to replicate an investment strategy that establishes either long or short positions in the stocks of 500 leading large-cap U.S. companies

CSM Fact Sheets & Reports

About Profunds

ProFunds, founded in 1997, is a premier provider of a diverse lineup of mutual funds offering trading flexibility to all shareholders. In addition to classic broad-market index funds, ProFunds offers leveraged and inverse funds that track a variety of broad market, sector and non-equity benchmarks. Together with ProShares, which launched the first U.S. leveraged and inverse exchange traded funds (ETFs) in 2006, ProFunds and its affiliates are global leaders in leveraged and inverse fund investing.

Profunds Group Large Cap ETF | CSM