Blackrock Japan ETF | EWJ

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Blackrock Japan ETF
Issued by:iShares by Blackrock
Index : AMEX
Unit Price (NAV) :
Minimum investment: 2 units
Blackrock Japan ETF | EWJ

Blackrock Japan ETF | EWJ


Launched in the year 1996, the BlackRock Japan ETF (EWJ) is one of the oldest ETFs for exposure to Japanese stocks, and by far the most popular. EWJ is very well diversified for an international equity ETF, holding hundreds of individual stocks and generally avoiding significant concentrations in any big names.

An investment in EWJ is a cost-effective way to gain exposure to large and mega-cap stocks of Japan.

About the Fund Manager:
BlackRock was incorporated in 1988 and is today the world's largest asset manager with $6.5 trillion in assets under management as of April 2019. It is one of the world's leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions.

Sectoral exposure of EWJ is balanced. The portfolio is spread relatively evenly across the Japanese economy.

Industrials - 20.92%
Consumer Discretionary - 17.79%
Financials - 10.79%
Information Technology - 10.71%
Health Care - 9.16%
Consumer Staples - 8.59%
Communication - 8.21%
Materials - 5.42%
Real Estate - 4.23%
Utilities - 2.04%
Cash and/or Derivatives - 1.20%
Energy - 0.96%

100% of the portfolio is focussed on Japan.

Investment Strategy:
EWJ tracks the MSCI Japan Index.

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EWJ Charts
52 Week High: $|52 Week Low: $
Blackrock Japan ETF3.12%39.94%6.72%10.76%7.41%

Asset Class

Asset type breakdown
Stock non-US98.91%

EWJ Holdings - Top 10

NameiWeightage (%)
Toyota Motor Corporation3.95%
SoftBank Group Corp3.47%
Sony Group Corporation3.32%
Keyence Corporation2.05%
Tokyo Electron Limited1.64%
Nintendo Co., Ltd1.60%
Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd1.58%
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc1.57%
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd1.52%
Nidec Corporation1.39%

EWJ Sectors/Industry Breakdown

Sectori% of market value
Consumer Cyclicals14.88%
Communication Services9.63%
Financial Services9.20%
Consumer Defensive6.46%
Basic Materials5.49%
Real Estate3.58%

EWJ Countries

Countryi% of market value

Projected Returns

Investment ofper month
gives returns of :
at 4.65% / annum
$in 10 years
for a time period of
Returnsbased on historic SIP returns of 4.65% per annum
$+ 4.65

EWJ Summary Data

Total Net Assets $i
Average Mkt Cap Mil $i
Symbol EWJ
Exchange ARCX
ISIN US46434G8226
Cat. Benchmark MSCI ACWI Ex USA NR USD
Asset class Equity
Category Japan Stock
Country US

EWJ Portfolio Data & Volatility Analysis

Net Expense Ratio 0.51i
Beta 0.76i
Valuations Rates Portfolio PE 17.29779i
3 Year Standard Deviation 15.25i

Fund Strategy

iShares MSCI Japan ETF operates as an exchange-traded fund enlisted in the USA. The ETF's goals to provide investment results that related to the performance of the Japanese market, as contained by the MSCI Japan Index. The ETF invests in a representative sample of index stocks in a variety of sectors using a market cap weighted "portfolio sampling" technique. The fund will at all times invest at least 90% of its assets in the securities of its underlying index and in depositary receipts representing securities in its underlying index.

EWJ Fact Sheets & Reports

About iShares by Blackrock

"iShares" is a gathering of ETFs managed by Blackrock. Blackrock is an American investment management corporation founded in 1988. Some iShares ETFs are actively managed but most funds track a bond or share market index.

Blackrock Japan ETF | EWJ