Blackrock MSCI Global Impact ETF | SDG

Medium RiskEquity
Blackrock MSCI Global Impact ETF
Issued by:iShares by Blackrock
Index : NASDAQ
Unit Price (NAV) :
Minimum investment: 2 units
Blackrock MSCI Global Impact ETF | SDG

Blackrock MSCI Global Impact ETF | SDG


SDG provides exposure to global stocks aiming to advance themes related to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as education or climate change. It targets companies with leading ESG business practices that also build their business around products and services that may drive positive change which helps investors increase exposure to sustainable themes in an equity portfolio.
Companies are explicitly deselected if more than 10% of sales are from alcohol, tobacco, or are involved in predatory lending. The index must contain at least 30 issuers, with an issuer cap of 4% and a sector cap of 20%. Constituent weight is based on the percent of income derived from the above-stated "impact sales," scaled by trailing 12-month revenues, and rebalanced annually. It seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of positive impact companies in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and that applies the business involvement screens like: alcohol, civilian firearms, controversial weapons, conventional weapons, nuclear weapons, predatory lending and tobacco.

About the Fund Manager:
BlackRock was incorporated in 1988 and is today the world’s largest asset manager with $6.5 trillion in assets under management as of April 2019. It is one of the world's leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions.
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Blackrock MSCI Global Impact ETF2.85%61.94%19.48%

Asset Class

Asset type breakdown
Stock non-US71.47%
Stock US28.21%

SDG Holdings - Top 10

NameiWeightage (%)
Johnson Matthey Plc4.08%
Umicore SA3.85%
East Japan Railway Company3.76%
Kimberly-Clark Corporation3.71%
Vestas Wind Systems A/S3.68%
AstraZeneca PLC3.63%
Tesla, Inc3.57%
Alstom SA3.42%
Amgen Inc3.39%

SDG Sectors/Industry Breakdown

Sectori% of market value
Consumer Defensive21.09%
Real Estate9.05%
Basic Materials8.32%
Consumer Cyclicals7.85%
Communication Services1.72%

SDG Countries

Countryi% of market value
North America30.54%
Europe Developed26.38%
United Kingdom11.40%
Asia Emerging9.63%
Asia Developed4.53%
Latin America2.05%
Africa/Middle East0.14%

Projected Returns

Investment ofper month
gives returns of :
at 11.05% / annum
$in 3 years
for a time period of
Returnsbased on historic SIP returns of 11.05% per annum
$+ 11.05

SDG Summary Data

Total Net Assets $i
Average Mkt Cap Mil $i
Symbol SDG
Exchange BATS
Asset class Equity

SDG Portfolio Data & Volatility Analysis

Net Expense Ratio 0.49i
Beta 0.93i
Valuations Rates Portfolio PE 18.25327i
3 Year Standard Deviation 17.95i

About iShares by Blackrock

"iShares" is a gathering of ETFs managed by Blackrock. Blackrock is an American investment management corporation founded in 1988. Some iShares ETFs are actively managed but most funds track a bond or share market index.

Blackrock MSCI Global Impact ETF | SDG