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SIP Calculator

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is the discipline of investing money. It is neither an investment scheme nor some kind of mutual fund, as many may believe. It is a discipline of investing a fixed sum of money, over regular intervals to meet your goals. These intervals can be weekly, quarterly, or monthly. This tool is to help you decide whats that "fixed" sum you need to invest monthly to meet your financial goals.

per month
% annual returns
Invested Amount
Your Investments at end of 3 years vs. investing in other leading benchmarks.

4 benefits of SIP

  1. Easy on wallet: For many salaried professionals, it's not easy to invest a big amount in one shot, as they earn a fixed monthly salary. SIP allows them to invest in very small amounts and still meet their financial goals.
  2. Helps in planning financial goals: When you have a big financial goal, it gets difficult to see how to achieve it. SIP lets you see how through small amounts you can build a big corpus.
  3. Reduces the need for market timing: Everyone doesn't have the time to follow the markets. SIP is easier to automate from your bank account and maintain investing
  4. Enables dollar cost averaging. If you follow a SIP, you are able to reduce the avg cost of assets that you own. This is one of investing on a fixed date. As sometimes the markets will be up and other times low on that date. Hence, over a long period, your avg cost of assets gets lower. Thus improving your returns on investments enables dollar cost averaging.

How to set SIP on Kristal?

To create a SIP, follow these steps:

  1. Select the ETF or Kristal you want to create SIP for
  2. Press the “Invest Now” button
  3. Select “order type” as “SIP” from the dropdown
  4. Now, enter the number of units you want to invest in – this would also show your approximate monthly investment amount
  5. Select the date you want to invest each month and the SIP expiration date
  6. Enter the maximum monthly investment limit
  7. Click the “Place Order” button
  8. Your SIP is successfully placed.

For international funds, you can transfer the funds to your Kristal account and then create a SIP to any of the Kristals that you own.