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Frequently Asked Questions

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Account Opening

Who can invest using Kristal.AI?

Residents and Citizens globally who are 18 years of age or older can invest using Kristal.AI in SINGLE / JOINT name.

We also support minor accounts with all necessary documentation of the legal guardian and the minor.

However, we are currently unable to extend our offerings to US persons.

How do I open an account with Kristal.AI?

Begin your journey to financial freedom by taking a few short steps in the next few minutes:

  1. Click on SIGN UP
  2. Use your Google credentials or provide your Email / phone no.
  3. Set a password and your Kristal ID will be generated
  4. Provide basic information for KYC (e.g. Date of Birth, PAN / AADHAR); follow the OTP or IPV process if prompted
  5. Review and accept the Client Agreement which highlights our duties, obligations and commercial terms

We shall need no more than 48 hours to review your information and create and enable your account with Kristal.AI. We shall notify you once your account is ready.

In the meanwhile, we would recommend you add the Client Trust Bank Account we have opened with DBS Bank, as a beneficiary in your internet banking.

You can then login and EXPLORE the Kristals showcased in accordance with your investment profile and also GET ADVICE from our online Advisory tool.

You can invest in the recommended strategies or those you choose once you have ADDED FUNDS to your Account.

Do I need to open a brokerage/custody account on my own?

NO! Every Account with Kristal.AI opened for a Retail Investor is associated with an underlying Broker and through the Broker custodial services, both of which are enabled automatically for the Customer.

Accredited investors with an existing broker or Private Bank account, please write to us at support@kristal.ai and we shall get in touch to discuss the most appropriate solution for you. Please remember to provide your (Whatsapp) contact number and Broker/Bank Name.

What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a common effort all regulated financial institutions should take before providing products and services to their clients.

KYC allows us to appropriately identify you and understand you.

KYC is done once at the start of the relationship and then every 2 years unless there is a change in the Customers profile.

What documents do I need to Sign Up with Kristal.AI?

The documents required for completing the Kristal.AI application process is based on your country of residence. All clients are required to some basic information as per their country’s KYC standards.

Singapore residents can provide their IC/FIN and authorise Kristal.AI to extract the required information from MyInfo (Government controlled database).

India residents need only provide their Date of Birth and relevant identifier ID (e.g. PAN) and authorise us to extract the required information from CKYC (Centralised KYC database).

In other jurisdictions, we require Users to submit soft copies of the following documents:

  • ID proof (Passport / National ID)
  • Address proof (Bank Statement / Utility Bill)

What is the difference between a Retail Investor and an Accredited Investor?

All Customers of Kristal.AI are considered Retail Investors.

Customers meeting the following criteria may choose to opt-in to be classified as Accredited Investors / Private Wealth Customers, by providing supporting documents and signing the “Accredited Investor Opt-In Agreement”


  • Annual Income in preceding year is Singapore Dollars 300,000/- (or equivalent in foreign currency); OR
  • Total Net Worth is Singapore Dollars 2,000,000/- (or equivalent in foreign currency), of which Singapore Dollars 1,000,000/- (or equivalent in foreign currency) is held in financial assets (Liquid Net Worth).

Supporting Documents:

  • Previous years tax returns
  • Bank / Broker Statement + Property / Business ownership proof
  • Certificate from Chartered Accountant (acceptable for India residents only)

How to link my existing Interactive Broker account to Kristal?

If you have an existing Interactive Brokers account opened before August 2017, you can link it to Kristal.AI.

For worldwide clients except for Hong Kong, please click Here.

For Hong Kong clients, please click Here.

What are the agreements that I have to sign?

Kristal.AI and its Customers are bound by the following Terms and Agreements.

Customers who have completed the onboarding process can download the Client Agreement they would have read and accepted from within their profile section as well.

Client Agreement

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Investment Policy Statement

I finished signing up on Kristal.AI. How soon can I start investing?

Once you have completed the KYC process, the Compliance Team will verify and approve your account in 2 working days. You will receive an e-mail notification stating that your account is ready for funding. All you now have to do is add funds to your account and start investing in the Kristal of your choice!

Can I create a joint account on Kristal.AI?

YES! You can open any of the Accounts offered by Kristal.AI in Joint name.

Each of the holders is required to complete the signup and onboarding/KYC and risk profile process.

Please note only the Primary account holder shall be able to view the account and provide instructions/transactions with respect to the account.

Change your country to India?

You’re now visiting Kristal.AI Worldwide.
To explore diverse offerings in Indian and global products, select India as your country.




Hong Kong




Accredited Investor Declaration

This is offered only to Accredited and Institutional Investors as defined under the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore (“Act”), which broadly comprises of regulated financial Institutions, large corporates, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

An Accredited Investor is an individual
  • Whose net personal assets exceed in value SGD 2 million (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency) with value of his/her primary residence capped at SGD 1 million, or
  • Whose financial assets (net of any related liabilities) exceed in value SGD 1 million (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency), or
  • Whose income in the preceding 12 months is not less than SGD 300,000 (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency)

I agree to opt-in as Accredited Investor and will submit required documentation to confirm the same.

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