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Frequently Asked Questions

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Using the App

Where can I find the Kristals?

To view our investment strategies, please click ‘EXPLORE’ in the top right corner of the app/website.

What do you mean by ‘Top Performing Kristals’?

Top-performing Kristals are the ones that have the highest returns for a particular duration. These change daily. Once you have signed up for an account with Kristal.AI, you can click on the “Top Performers” tab and view these kristals.

What do you mean by ‘Most Popular Kristals’?

These are the Kristals which have been viewed the most number of times and investors have expressed most interest in them. You can view these Kristals after completing your KYC in the “EXPLORE” section under the “MOST POPULAR” tab.

How can I select Kristals?

For the full range of Kristals deemed suitable for you/available to you, please click the EXPLORE tab in your dashboard.

How can I buy a Kristal?

Once you receive confirmation that your account is approved and ready for investments, please log in and invest in the Kristal strategy of your choice by simply clicking ‘Buy/Invest’.  However, if there are insufficient funds in your account, you will not be able to purchase the Kristal.

*Please note, the Kristal GAV reflects the previous working day’s ‘end-of-day’ value of the Kristal strategy. The actual funds invested could be different from the given GAV depending on the market price of the underlying holdings.

How to create a SIP?

To create a SIP, follow these steps:

  1. Select the ETF or Kristal you want to create SIP for
  2. Press the “Invest Now” button
  3. Select “order type” as “SIP” from the dropdown
  4. Now, enter the number of units you want to invest in – this would also show your approximate monthly investment amount
  5. Select the date you want to invest each month and the SIP expiration date
  6. Enter the maximum monthly investment limit
  7. Click the “Place Order” button
  8. Your SIP is successfully placed.

How do I sell/liquidate my Kristal?

You may liquidate the Kristal you are holding by simply clicking ‘Sell/Redeem’ on the Kristal widget in the relevant account. You will be sent an OTP as part of the process.

Please note, the Kristal GAV reflects the previous working day’s ‘end-of-day’ value of the Kristal strategy. The actual funds received could be different from that GAV depending on the market price of the underlying holdings, and will be adjusted for transfer charges if the funds are moved out of the Kristal Investment Account.

How can I monitor the performance of my portfolios?

To monitor your portfolio, you can login to your Kristal.AI account and click on ‘Portfolio’ tab. You will be able to monitor your Kristal’s performance, holdings, and trades.

Where can I find the details of my portfolio holdings?

Your holdings can be seen in the “PORTFOLIO” section on your Dashboard. Click on the “KRISTALS” tab.

When will the latest value of my investment be reflected?

The Kristal Net Asset Value (NAV) is the sum total of the closing values as of the previous day of all the underlying constituents held within a Kristal.

The NAV is updated daily by 14:00 hrs (2.00 pm) IST.

When will the transactions executed reflected in my account?

Once the transaction has been executed, it usually takes 1 business day to reflect in your account.

How do I get reports of my portfolio’s performance?

You can check the performance of your investments at any given time via the dashboard on the Kristal app/website.

You will also receive regular updates relating to funds movement, subscription, and redemptions vial email and in-app notifications.

Reports regarding transactions, fees, taxes withheld, brokerage, and related charges are uploaded in the ‘Reports’ section of your account on a monthly basis.

I tried logging into the Kristal.AI app and was asked for my device credentials. What should I do?

When you login to your Kristal.AI app via an Android device, you might be prompted to enter your device credentials. This refers to the credentials you use to unlock your device and can refer to your device password, PIN, fingerprint, swipe pattern, etc.

The device password is different than your app login details. You need to enter both in order to access your app.

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Accredited Investor Declaration

This is offered only to Accredited and Institutional Investors as defined under the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore (“Act”), which broadly comprises of regulated financial Institutions, large corporates, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

An Accredited Investor is an individual
  • Whose net personal assets exceed in value SGD 2 million (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency) with value of his/her primary residence capped at SGD 1 million, or
  • Whose financial assets (net of any related liabilities) exceed in value SGD 1 million (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency), or
  • Whose income in the preceding 12 months is not less than SGD 300,000 (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency)

I agree to opt-in as Accredited Investor and will submit required documentation to confirm the same.

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