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Allianz Thematica - AT(USD) ACC

High RiskEquity
Allianz Thematica - AT(USD) ACC
Issued by:Allianz Global Investors Asia Pacific Limited
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Allianz Thematica - AT(USD) ACC

Allianz Thematica - AT(USD) ACC

Fund Strategy

The Thematica fund invests in the global listed equities. It is a thematic fund looking at investing in companies associated with structural shifts (such as digital life, clean water, health tech, etc.) for long term capital appreciation. The fund is not constrained by sector, industry, or geography. It invests primarily in the U.S. & other developed markets, with a maximum of 50% assets allocation to emerging markets. It is suitable for investors who wish to invest their capital for the long term and have a risk appetite.

About Allianz Global Investors Asia Pacific Limited

Allianz Global Investors is a globally diversified active investment manager, managing over EUR400 billion in assets. They are owned by the Allianz group which is one of the world/s largest financial services companies and is present in 70 countries. The Global Investor franchise has over 500 investment professionals across 23 locations in 17 countries. As a result, many of their funds are actively managed and domestic markets focused, including in Asia and China.

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    Why this Fund ?

    • 1. Low cost (21bps) highly liquid/ low risk USD money market fund
    • 2. Allianz is one of the largest global active investment managers
    • 3. Its size makes it efficient in execution & a good alternative to cash deposits

  • Allianz Thematica - AT(USD) ACC