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Ariana Global Arbitrage Fund

Very High RiskEquity
Ariana Global Arbitrage Fund
Issued by:Ariana
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Ariana Global Arbitrage Fund

Ariana Global Arbitrage Fund


Ariana Global Arbitrage Fund9.11%7.34%7.62%

Fund Strategy

Ariana Global Arbitrage Fund is a Caymans Islands registered Discretionary Macro Hedge Fund. It focuses on arbitrage strategies in FX, commodities, rates and volatility through active market making and spread driven trading. It targets to generate 10% p.a. consistent returns with low volatility and drawdowns. It has not had a negative year of returns since inception. As a result the volatility is low and the Sharpe ratio among the highest on our platform.

Scheme Information

Start Date May, 2014
Sharpe 3.37
Volatility 2.01%
Max drawdown -0.90%

Dealing Information

Subscription & redemption: Monthy
Valuation: Monthly
Kristal Advisors Pte Ltd receives a retrocession of management fees from the fund manager.

About Ariana

The Fund Manager Ariana is an MAS licensed RFMC. They are focused on a single strategy. It is run by experienced traders with 20yrs track record of proprietary trading for Citibank/ Barclays/ UBS.

Ariana Global Arbitrage Fund