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Aurigin Long Short Fund

Very High RiskDiversified
Aurigin Long Short Fund
Issued by:Aurigin
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Aurigin Long Short Fund

Aurigin Long Short Fund


Aurigin Long Short Fund33.51%16.71%

Fund Strategy

Aurigin Fund is a Caymans Islands registered Discretionary long-short Hedge Fund focused on India/ Asia. It can use upto 2.5X leverage and uses derivatives. The objective is to trade a basket of uncorrelated low-downside trades based on fundamental research to capture the best risk-reward opportunities and capitalise on inefficiencies in relative pricing of various financial instruments across capital structure. It targets to generate 15-20% p.a. returns over a market cycle. It has not had a negative year of returns since inception. However, it is volatile and has had significant monthly drawdown.

Scheme Information

Start Date Aug, 2017
Sharpe 1.48
Volatility 10.60%
Max drawdown -10.75%

Dealing Information

Subscription: Monthly & redemption: Quarterly
Valuation: Monthly
Notice period for subscription: 5 business days
Notice period of redemption: 30 business days
Redemption settlement: 30 business days

About Aurigin

Aurigin Capital Management is an MAS licensed RFMC. The two fund managers have significant experience trading multiple asset classes. Anurag Gupta spent over a decade at Oasis HK, with trades across equities, credit, and convertible bonds among other instruments. Anshu Govil adds to the depth of bottom-up research after a successful career in investment research at CLSA India and Flowering Tree Singapore. They also contribute Founder Capital in the Fund..

Aurigin Long Short Fund