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Blackoak Investors LP Class A

Blackoak Investors LP Class A
Issued by:SL Investment Management
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Blackoak Investors LP Class A

Blackoak Investors LP Class A


Blackoak Investors LP Class A22.67%14.78%

Fund Strategy

BlackOak is a UK Alternative Investment Fund seeking long term capital growth through acquisition & trading of life insurance policies (“Life Settlements”) issued by highly rated life insurers. It targets 10-15% IRR with low volatility. It has a diversified portfolio across carrier concentration (Max 15%), life expectancy (<7yrs) and age (>80yrs). It is run by a highly experienced Fund Manager. Meant for medium term investors on account of reduced liquidity of underlying assets.

Scheme Information

Start Date Jul, 2016
Sharpe 1.72
Volatility 7.80%
Max drawdown -2.44%

Dealing Information

Subscription Freq: Monthly
Valuation: Monthly
Kristal Advisors Pte Ltd receives a retrocession of management fees from the fund manager.

About SL Investment Management

SL Investment Management is UK FCA regulated and has 30yrs experience in building and managing a USD 3b portfolio of UK and US traded life insurance policies. It has the largest team in this asset class and is one of the leading asset managers in the US Life Settlement space. Has purchased over 70,000 policies and has an In-house Actuarial team and a proven and unique value-based pricing system.

Blackoak Investors LP Class A