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Dream Team

High RiskEquity
Dream Team
Issued by:Kristal
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Dream Team

Dream Team


Dream Team35.02%

Fund Strategy

1. Star selection
The Dream Team is a portfolio that invests in the best 20-30 companies in the world.

The strategy starts from filtering the world universe by the best brands according to brand research specialists. Then companies' financials are analysed and companies ranked according to well-established factors including value, growth, momentum, quality, sentiment, balance sheet strength, low risk and ESG metrics.

Brand can be seen as a key component of the concept of moat used by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger to select "Great businesses at fair prices". If anything, the value of brands tend to grow with the globalisation and digitalisation of consumption.

2. Teamwork
The final selection identifies the leaders by sector and balances the portfolio by country, region and currency according to global equity indices weights so that the portfolio is well diversified.

The output is a concentrated portfolio diversified between the developed markets main regions, currencies and sectors that is able to provide exposure to the main equity markets in a sustainable way.

A long term perspective and low turnover is to be expected. This strategy is ideal for investors with a long time horizon looking to gain exposure to large cap equities.

Scheme Information

Start Date Aug, 2019
Sharpe 1.03
Volatility 19.20%
Max drawdown -20.65%

Dealing Information

Minimum Subscription: USD 10,000
Subscription Frequency: Weekly
Redemption Frequency: Weekly
NAV Publication: Weekly
Redemption Settlement: 5 Business Days
Business Day: Working day in US & Singapore

Fact Sheets & Reports

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Dream Team