G2 Fund

Very High RiskDiversified
G2 Fund
Issued by:GNP Investment Funds Ltd.
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $


G2 Fund32.39%17.64%16.32%

Fund Strategy

GNP G 2 Fund is a Cayman Registered Fund with targeted annual absolute return >15%. It has only had one negative year since inception and is uncorrelated with other asset classes. It's a discretionary macro hedge fund trading in global exchange traded instruments. It has founder money and implements strict risk management to limit volatility to <10% and monthly drawdowns to <5%. The CIO has over 35yrs of money management experience in global macro markets

Scheme Information

Start Date Mar, 2014
Sharpe 1.94
Volatility 6.21%
Max drawdown -5.71%

Dealing Information

Subscription & redemption: Monthy
Valuation: Monthly
Kristal Advisors Pte Ltd receives a retrocession of management fees from the fund manager.