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Helicap Fund 1

Helicap Fund 1
Issued by:Helicap Investments Pte Ltd
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Helicap Fund 1

Helicap Fund 1


Helicap Fund 18.26%

Fund Strategy

Helicap Fund I Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated company structured as a 13R Fund specialising in the alternative lending space in Asia. The Fund focuses on private debt investments and aims to deliver 9%-12% net return per annum to investors.

Helicap's Value Proposition:

  • Access to a best in class alternative lending portfolio leveraging Helicap’s deep expertise in the sector, unique origination flow and data driven scorecard model
  • Attractive returns with recurring cash flows built on a pool of diversified and structured loans offering a low correlation to other traditional asset classes
  • Opportunity to promote financial inclusion and social impact within communities in Asia

Scheme Information

Start Date Apr, 2018
Sharpe 4.22
Volatility 2.05%

Dealing Information

Subscription: Monthly
Redemption: Quarterly
Valuation: Monthly
Notice period for subscription: 3 business days
Notice period of redemption: 180 days before the relevant Redemption Date
Lock-in Period: 1Year
Helicap Fund 1