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Kotak India Fixed Income Fund

Medium RiskDiversified
Kotak India Fixed Income Fund
Issued by:Kotak India
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Kotak India Fixed Income Fund

Kotak India Fixed Income Fund


Kotak India Fixed Income Fund4.34%1.98%

Fund Strategy

Incorporated in Luxembourg, the fund is managed by Kotak Mahindra Asset Management which is a MAS regulated AMC. Fund’s objective is to generate return by investing in debt securities issued by central / state governments or those issued by Indian origin corporates deriving significant business from India. Majority of the fund’s holdings are held in Sovereign or AAA rated debt. Investors should consider this fund as an investment with a medium to long term investment horizon

Scheme Information

Start Date Sep, 2014
Sharpe 0.34
Volatility 8.27%
Max drawdown -12.84%

Dealing Information

Subscription & redemption: Daily
Valuation: Daily
Notice period for subscription: 1 business day
Notice period of redemption: 1 business day

About Kotak India

Kotak Mahindra Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is an investment managed regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It is also registered with the Securities Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) as an FPI under FPI regulation. It is a part of the Kotak Mahindra Group which is one of India’s leading financial institutions offering a wider range of financial services including commercial banking, stock broking, asset management, life insurance and investment banking

Kotak India Fixed Income Fund