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SG REITs Kristal

Medium RiskDiversified
SG REITs Kristal
Issued by:Kristal
Unit Price (NAV) : SGD
Minimum investment: SGD
SG REITs Kristal

SG REITs Kristal


SG REITs Kristal1.18%

Fund Strategy

SG REITs Kristal is an open-ended pooled account strategy ideal for investors looking for high liquidity and diversification to their overall portfolio by investing in REITs that provide stable returns in the form of high dividend income and long term capital appreciation

Scheme Information

Start Date Mar, 2019
Sharpe 0.33
Volatility 19.22%
Max drawdown -21.76%

Dealing Information

Subscription & redemption: Weekly
Valuation: Weekly
Notice period for subscription: 1 business day
Notice period of redemption: 2 business days
Redemption settlement: 5 business days

About Kristal

Founded by Asheesh Chanda and Vineeth Narasimhan in 2016; what started as an ambitious idea sketched out on a black-board, is now present and thriving in three countries. Today Kristal.AI is operational in India, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and has clients across Asia, Middle East, and the Americas. We are committed to providing the best investment strategies to our investors and building a community of portfolio managers, affiliated partners, and investors. Our diverse team of financial advisors, researchers, and market experts takes a unique yet holistic approach to our clients’ needs and works hard to achieve their goals.

SG REITs Kristal