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Silverdale Bond Fund 1C (Dividend)

High RiskDiversified
Silverdale Bond Fund 1C (Dividend)
Issued by:Silverdale
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Silverdale Bond Fund 1C (Dividend)

Silverdale Bond Fund 1C (Dividend)


Silverdale Bond Fund 1C (Dividend)-0.32%2.33%6.72%

Fund Strategy

Silverdale Bond Fund is a long only leveraged Fixed Income fund incorporate in Cayman Islands. It is actively managed and invests primarily in Asian emerging markets investment grade (min 75%) US Dollar bonds. The portfolio is well diversified (max exposure <5%) and short duration (<2yrs). It uses leverage (upto 2X) to enhance IRR to 8-10% p.a. and offers weekly liquidity though they have the right to restrict redemptions in adverse circumstances. It has a 10yr track record.

Scheme Information

Start Date Oct, 2013
Sharpe 0.62
Volatility 9.42%
Max drawdown -21.67%

Dealing Information

Subscription & Redemption: Weekly
Valuation: Weekly (Friday)
Kristal Advisors Pte Ltd receives a retrocession of management fees from the fund manager.

About Silverdale

Silverdale Capital holds a CMS license regulated by MAS. It was founded in 2000. It focuses on Fixed Income and Sanjay Guglani, the CIO has over 20yrs of investment experience in the region. The team comprises 20 investment professionals. Besides co-investing in their own funds, the investor base also includes several banks and financial institutions. The fund has also received multiple awards over the past 5 years

Silverdale Bond Fund 1C (Dividend)