4SIGHT invests in instruments that are aligned with themes in disruptive industries which are likely to play a more important role for society and the global economy in the next decade ahead.

How did we identify this Kristal:
From a bottom-up approach, we have identified certain sectors which have the potential for commercial disruption in the future. This is related to technological development but also demographic and social trends which are likely to dominate the life of many in the future.

The core themes that have been identified are:

Biotechnology and Genome research: Medical advances with the help of AI and reduced cost for genetic editing have the potential to disrupt the healthcare industry in years to come.

Water & Food: We may run out of clean water, and while we might not run out of food in the foreseeable future, there is certainly a need to become more efficient and sustainable in the way how we feed a growing world population.

Cybersecurity: The cost of cybersecurity at an average level has increased by over 72% in the past 5 years and 13% alone from 2017 to 2018. An Accenture Study about the cost of cybercrime states that the Value at Risk from Cybercrime in the global economy is rising, and so is the cost of prevention.

Machine Learning & AI: Dubbed by many as the future of everything, living in a digital society with vast amounts of data means more growth in the space of Machine Learning & AI.

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