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Private Markets

Private Markets made accessible

Democratise access to curated, quality pre-IPO companies and high growth startups while enhancing liquidity in the private market space.


Co-invest in primary funding rounds of pre-IPO companies and high growth startups


Unlock the value of high growth startups by investing in or monetising your shares


Facilitate debt at company and shareholder level and access alternative investments

Glimpse of Our Portfolio


Founders - Sebastian Siemiatkowski
Founded - 2005
Sector - BNPL, Open Banking, Online Banking
Headquarters - Stockholm, Sweden


Founders: Vidit Aatrey & Sanjeev Barnwal
Founded: 2015
Social commerce, Consumer discretionary, Consumer services
Bangalore, India


Founders - Joshua Tetrick JD , Samir Kaul
Founded - 2011
Sector - FoodTech
Headquarters - San Francisco, US


Founders - Byju Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath
Founded - 2011
Sector - EdTech
Headquarters - Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Founders - Kabeer Biswas, Mukund Jha
Founded - 2014
Sector - On-demand Consumer Goods Delivery
Headquarters - Bangalore, India


Founders: Henry Ward, Manu Kumar
Founded: 2012
Financial software, Equity management, Financial technology
San Francisco, USA


Founders - Sitashwa Srivastava & Vinay Bharathwaj
Founded - 2015
Sector - FinTech
Headquarters - New York, US


Founders - Jesse Powell
Founded - 2011
Sector - Crypto-Exchange
Headquarters - San Francisco, US

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Why Kristal Private Market?


Every private deal listed is backed by expert curation, research and due diligence process


Kristal advisors engage and assist clients at every step
to ensure informed decision making


Leverage on high-end technology to provide seamless and personalised investment experience


Unlock liquidity and access
to quality investments in pre-IPO companies and high growth startups at lower minimums






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Frequently asked questions

What is Kristal Private Market?

Kristal Private Market is a business line of Kristal.AI with a mission to democratise access to curated, high-quality pre-IPO investment opportunities in the private market space and enhance liquidity in private markets.

Why should I choose Kristal Private Market over other secondary marketplaces?

Kristal Assurance

Kristal Curation:
Every private deal listed on our platform undergoes a curation process and is approved by our Investment  Committee to enable quality investments
Research & Analysis: Every aspect of the asset is researched and analysed by us before it is offered to you.
Due Diligence: Thorough due diligence of the supply partner or/and seller is undertaken to establish required comfort before engaging in any transaction

Kristal Care

Kristal Advisors are accessible to assist you at every step
Investor Education:
Detailed information on every deal is made available to ensure informed decision making, and there is active engagement with clients to resolve any queries or concerns about the offering/asset

Kristal Simplicity

Technology-enabled seamless process: Kristal Private Market uses high-end technology to ensure you unlock access and liquidity with ease.
Personalization: Your experience is bettered with every click

Kristal Access

Vast Network: By tapping into the vast network of buyers and sellers, we are able to provide better access and liquidity at any point in time. Our network consists of HNIs, Family Offices, EAM, Global Equity and Credit Funds, Founders and Network of Employees.
Diversification: Our network is spread across the globe, enabling us to provide liquidity and access with respect to companies across various geographies, sectors and industries.

Under what license does Kristal Private Market operate?

Kristal Private Market operates under the capital market license issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to conduct fund management activities.

What is the kind of access that I can derive from Kristal Private Market?

We provide access to high growth pre-IPO companies by enabling you to have an:

- Interest in an equity deals (primary or secondary)
- Interest in debt deals (private credit)

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