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Best in class mutual funds

Get access to a wide variety of high-quality mutual funds traditionally accessible to institutional investors

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No dependancy on anyone, completely self-service so that you can invest & redeem at your own convenience

Money Market Funds

Liquid like cash but returns better than your typical savings bank account.
The best part - invest for free. Yes, we don't charge any management fee on money market funds

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Mutual Funds

Access the best mutual funds from the best fund houses. Selected for their performance and potential for growth.

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who are Funds for?

Funds are available for Accredited Investors Only

Accessible to Investors whose net worth or annual income meets the criteria specified by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

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Sivasankar Elambooranan

Head of Investment Advisory

Ankit Agrawal

Lead, Investment Advisory

Parvathy Srikant

Lead, Relationship Management

Noopur Machale

Investment Advisor

Ruby Leung

Investment Advisor

Urvashi Jeswani

Investment Advisor

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